Why Your Back Hurts When Driving And How To Prevent It?

    In a long list of reasons for back pain, driving may be last on your mind. But it’s one of the most common reasons behind frequent lower back pain. Those who drive for long hours often need spinal decompression therapy due to the strain on the spine. You can prevent driving-related backache by adjusting the seat for starters.

    Why Driving Causes Back Pain?

    Poor Posture And Long Driving Hours

    Poor posture and being seated in it for long are the two main causes of backache due to driving. Backs are designed to move so being stuck in a bad pose for long can weaken and strain the muscles. People who drive for more than four hours every day are at a higher risk.


    Injuries from a collision might lead to back injuries and pain. You need to see a car accident chiropractor denver to treat accident-related spinal injuries like a whiplash.


    A study showed that the vibration from the vehicle might excite the spine’s natural vibration leading to backache.

    Underlying Conditions

    Driving might strain those suffering from underlying spinal problems. This could be something as simple as being tired after intense physical activities.

    How To Prevent Backache When Driving?

    Adjust Seat And Head Rest

    Adjusting the seat makes the drive comfortable and prevents backache. You shouldn’t have to bend forward to reach the pedals and or the steering wheel. Adjust your seat closer to them but not too close. Make sure that the seat puts your knees below your hips and your back at a 100 to 110-degree angle. Position the headrest to be in the middle of your head.

    Place Lumbar Support

    Lumbar support can prevent lower back pain by supporting the joints and muscles in the area. You can use a rolled-up towel or a lumbar support cushion for the task. Place it at the small of the back when seated.

    Take Stretching Breaks

    Sitting in the same position for hours strains your back while driving. You should take short breaks between your drive after every hour to stretch your muscles.

    Adjust Mirrors

    Change the angle of your mirrors so that you don’t have to move around to see them. You should be able to see them just by moving your eyes.

    Keep Back Pockets Empty

    Don’t put your wallet and mobile in the back pockets. This can misalign your spine slightly and lead to aches. You should keep the back pockets empty and put your stuff elsewhere when seated.

    Use Cruise Control When Possible

    When possible, use cruise control so that your feet are free. When using this mode, place your feet on the floor so that your legs form a right angle. This pose will support your back more efficiently.

    Drive Carefully

    Accidents are among the common causes of backache. Follow the traffic rules and road safety guidelines to prevent injuries.

    Lift Properly

    This applies to people whose job involves transporting heavy items. Lift heavy objects with your back straight while taking the support of your knees. It’s efficient because it engages your leg muscles and makes lifting easier.

    Maintain Vehicle

    Replace worn tires and shock absorbers as soon as possible. This reduces the vehicle’s vibrations and the chances of backache. Service your vehicle at regular intervals to keep it in top shape for a smooth ride.


    Exercising regularly strengthens your back and reduces the chances of backache considerably. Because stronger muscles can handle more strain than weaker ones. Look for exercises designed for back strength but don’t strain yourself.

    What To Do In Case Of Back Pain?

    Carry Ice/Heat Packs

    Pharmacies sell many ice packs and heat packs that you can carry when driving. You can even order some online. Keep them in the car in case you need to use them.

    Carry Pain Relief Remedy

    Gels and spray are better than painkillers. You can find many herbal alternatives to regular OTC meds.

    See Chiropractor

    A chiropractic doctor can make adjustments to your spine and relieve the pain.


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