• Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Gas Water Heater

    When installing a new water heater in Vero Beach, homeowners often have to choose between gas and electric systems. A gas-based water heating system makes sense in homes with a gas supply. It helps you save on electricity and runs even during power outages.

    But it’s not the most cost-efficient option for homes without a gas supply. There are also some environmental and safety concerns associated with heaters running on gas.

    If you are unable to decide whether a gas water heater is right for you or not, then here are some pros and cons to help you decide:

    Benefits Of Gas Geyser

    Fast Heating

    A gas water heater is much faster than an electric one. It can heat twice as much water as an electric heater during the same time limit. This means there’s more hot water available in your plumbing in Vero Beach FL. That’s why families or large groups living together prefer gas over electricity.

    Heating During Power Outage

    Unless you have a backup generator, you’ll have to wait for the electricity to return before using the heater. Even with a generator, you might not use an electric geyser due to output issues. Gas geysers don’t need electricity to run, so they run even during power outages. This is especially helpful for areas that see power outages during the winter.

    Energy Cost Savings

    Natural gas is much cheaper than electricity. So using the fuel to heat water can help you save on utility bills. This could help you make up for the upfront costs in a year as long as you maintain the geyser.

    Drawbacks Of Gas Water Heating System

    High Upfront Cost

    Average gas geysers cost more than their electric counterparts though not by much. They also have a higher installation cost because the installer needs to add vents for the gas. Though it should be noted that gas water heaters pay for themselves by saving on energy bills.

    Complicated Installation

    Installing a gas geyser is not your average DIY project. The installer needs to redirect gas lines and ensure that all safety features are working properly. Any mistakes in installation could lead to leaks and explosions. Only a trained and licensed expert should do the job.

    Short Lifespan

    Gas geysers tend to have a short lifespan as compared to electric ones. It’s because their burners tend to get damaged often. You’ll need a replacement at least one year earlier as compared to electric heaters.


    There’s always a chance of a gas leak which could lead to an explosion. Gas water heaters need a lot of maintenance to prevent accidents. They usually need safety mechanisms like venting.

    Maintenance Needs

    The vents need to be maintained to prevent a buildup of particles in them. Gas lines also need maintenance to prevent gas leaks.


    Gas water heating systems tend to be larger than electric counterparts regardless of whether they’re storage-based or tankless. Gas geysers need venting and supply lines which need more space than wires.

    Causes Pollution

    Gas geysers use natural gas which produces greenhouse gases leading to global warming and climate change. The gases themselves are retrieved from the earth in a destructive manner. Electric heaters are eco-friendlier in this regard. Propane is a better alternative to natural gas because it burns efficiently and doesn’t produce carbon dioxide.


    Gas water heaters are good for large families that need hot water for many activities. Its ability to heat water fast ensures that there will always be hot water available. It’s also good for areas that see a lot of power outages.

    If you already receive a gas supply, you may find it convenient to install. Its high cost isn’t a concern because it pays for itself in the first year by saving money on energy.

    What concerns most homeowners is its hazard. There’s always a chance of a gas leak causing an explosion so owners need to maintain it well. Geysers running on natural gas aren’t eco-friendly but you can use propane instead.

  • Choosing The Best Kitchen Faucets That Make Your Lifestyle Convenient

    My brother and I run a construction and interior business in Port Saint Lucie and regularly get asked about kitchen setup especially the sink and the faucet. Prepping for meals, bathing the baby, filling up water bottles, most water related activities happen in the kitchen than any other room in the house. Thus, finding the right setup is imperative for most homeowners. Every time we start a new kitchen project, the homeowners always start by asking about the right sink setup and where they can go looking for the best kitchen Remodeling vero beach . We usually suggest them to research before going to a shop which ends up confusing them even more as different websites have different products.

    Choosing a sink
    We start by choosing the right sink setup. There are two things to be kept in mind while choosing the sink setup i.e. the number of basins and no. of holes. We’ve worked on projects with up to three sink basins, with one for hot water, one for normal water and one for clean utensils. But traditionally a two sink setup is enough. Then you can choose the number of holes you need in the sink basin. One hole is common, which accommodates a faucet. However, it can go up to four holes, where you can fit a side-sprayer, a soap and a lotion dispenser respectively. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice on this. You can easily move to choosing a suitable faucet.

    Choosing a faucet
    Before deciding on the features of a faucet, you must choose if you want a wall-mount setup or a deck mounted sink-hole setup. A wall mount set-up is usually done to save space or if the water pipeline is inside a wall. So, as you saw, we first cleared any doubts about the fitting the hardware. Now, we can understand the features of a faucet to match your requirement. Faucets have three designs when it comes to handle types i.e. single, two handle and hands-free. Single handle faucets are usually preferred as the operation requires only one hand and regulating water temperature through it is easy.

    This makes this design the most cost efficient also. Two handle models are traditional but slowly moving out of modern kitchen setups. On the other hand, the hands-free design offers a more modern approach as the faucet controls the dispensing of water heater vero beach is controlled just be detecting hand movement around it. While this saves a lot of water and really is the best in terms hygienic operation, it also is the most expensive out of the three designs. The next important thing in a faucet is the presence of a spray function that helps in washing dishes. There are three designs in terms of spray functions that are available i.e. pull-down, pull-out and side-spray.

    Traditionally, the pull-out and side spray design were more common. But the pull-down feature of a tap makes it the most ideal in terms of operation, as the tap nozzle naturally appears over the dish and spills less water. The next factor does not really matter if you have chosen a pull-down spray model faucet. However, for setups with pull-out or side spraying functions, one has to choose the size of the faucet arc. High arc designs look more elegant in my view. This was everything about choosing the design of a faucet.

    It is also important to think about the material used in the faucet. Although brass faucets are the most resistant to corrosion, stainless steel is still a more preferred option for a faucet in terms of protection from corrosion due to its shine. There is one exception though, stainless steel faucets are prone to finger prints and water-spots. Many alloy-based faucets are also available in the market, but you must ensure that they are lead-free to avoid any health issues.

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