• Digital Marketing Tips For Your Startup’s Online Presence

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    Digital marketing offers startups with many tools to build their online presence and reach their potential customers. You can establish your online presence with the help of a website and use a social media agency in NYC to build your brand. But before you begin implementing any strategies, you need to define your goals and conduct market research to develop good strategies. You also need to keep track of your analytics to know whether your strategies are working or not.

    Digital Marketing Tips For Startups

    Conduct Market Research

    No marketing strategy can begin without proper market research. Define who your target audience is based on their location, age groups, likes, etc. Study your competition to identify the strategies they are using to promote themselves and what they lack that you can offer to your potential customers as your USP.

    Hire Professionals

    While there are many tools available that can help you perform various activities to promote your business online, you still need some expertise for most steps to ensure you get the desired results. Plus, online marketing requires time and effort that you could best use to improve your products and services. So instead of doing it yourself, consider consulting a social media agency in NYC for better ROI.

    Apply Pareto’s Principles

    Pareto’s principle or the 80/20 rule states that for most events, 80 percent of the effects come from twenty percent of the causes. Instead of investing in all possible strategies, identify which strategies are giving you the best results and focus your most of your efforts on them.

    Establish Online Presence

    Before you begin any other online marketing strategy, you need to hire a web design company in NYC to create a website because it will act as the platform for other strategies and help you integrate them. Once you have a website, you can take it a step further by creating social media accounts and creating an app.

    Focus On UX

    Good user experience is important to ensure that your target audience will connect with your brand. Optimize your website’s UX by improving your loading speed and offering easy navigation. Think of UI/UX when developing your apps as well. You can also optimize UX for your social media by imagining how users will interact with your posts. A good UX will increase your SERP ranking, web traffic and conversion rate.

    Create Good Content

    Whether in the form of text, images, video or audio, content runs most of your digital marketing strategies. It informs your potential customers what your brand stands for and how it can help them. Write crisp but informative web content to satisfy your visitors. Use share-worthy blogs and vlogs to engage with your audience. Create different types of content for different social platforms. 

    Think Of Smartphone Users

    Most people use smartphones more often than computers to browse the net for new products and services. You need to optimize your digital marketing tools for mobile devices. You can start by hiring a web design company in NYC to create a responsive website with features optimized for mobile users. You also need to optimize your content for mobile screens, like using larger fonts, portrait images and compressed video/audio files.

    Check Analytics

    No matter what strategies you use, you must check your analytics to make sure that they are working and make changes if they aren’t. Arrange your analytics properly to ensure that you don’t confuse the effects of one strategy for the effects of another. Define your metrics like conversion rates, web traffic, etc. to know whether you are getting the desired results.

    Integrate Your Strategies

    Internet marketing consists of various strategies like email marketing, SMM, etc. that are different from each other at the fundamental level but are interconnected at various levels. E.g. SEO services in New York drive traffic to your website while SMM agencies promote your brand. You should integrate these strategies to achieve your goals.

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