• 12 Selections of Momo-- Have You Attempted Them All?


    Hearing the word momo can make any Delhiite salivate until they find the nearest stall and satisfy their hunger. Forget the level, dull and boring Dal, Bhat, Tarkari as well as Achar, the spotlight is now on momos in Malviya Nagar.


    Momo is located in every other coffee shops and restaurants and not just that, it is cheap as well as yum! This conventional delicacy were at first made in a rounded shape with meat as well as vegetable stuffing but now, you can discover numerous kind and also sorts of momo in various shape, dimension and also stuffing. Momo is generally served with a dipping sauce, locally called achar as well as are made with tomato as a base active ingredient.


    Right here is the checklist of numerous kinds of momos in Malviya Nagar:


    1. Steamed Momo


    Usually, the momos are steamed and are discovered in every other dining establishments and also cafe's in Nepal. These scrumptious juicy momos are loaded with minced veggies or meat as well as are put in dumpling steamer.


    2. Kothey Momo


    Kothey momo are basically steam momos fried on a pan which are made in a lengthened form. The filling can be either veg or chicken. If you’re bored of the usual steam or deep fried dumplings, then try Kothey momos in Gurgaon.


    3. Chilly Momo.


    Generally known as C. momo is your regular momo dipped in a hot and also hot sauce. If you want to try something warm as well as spicy then, C. momo is your ideal answer. Try this when; we bet you will not regret it. Okay, you may, but that will only depend upon your capacity to consume spicy points.


    4. Fried Momo.


    These crunchy variations of momos are made by deep frying the momo. Although, a bit oily, the taste will completely make you ignore your health-conscious ideas. The Momo King serves some of the best fried dumplings in the NCR.


    5. Jhol Momo.


    Jhol primarily suggests fluid or having a liquid-like uniformity, and also Jhol momos are the momos that are drowned in a dish packed with sauce called jhol achar. The sauce or jhol achar is thin in structure and also has a little bit of a hot, hot and also zesty spin. 


    6. Open Momo.


    The momo wraps have four openings that make it simpler to pour your favorite momo sauce. You can pour four different sauces into the pocket. You must try the ones that the Momo King serves.


    7. Eco-friendly Momo.


    Keep in mind despising spinach as a child? Well, despise no more! The dough for this spinach or green momos is constructed from spinach blended with flour and massaged with the water from the spinach. Thus, the name and the shade of the spinach.


    8. Tandoori Momo.


    This lip-smacking combo of momo and tandoori is one to look out for. It has a rich texture, and your taste will most definitely salivate over it. If you’re planning a party, then you must order some tandoori momos in Malviya Nagar to take it to the next level.


    9. Buckwheat (Phaphar) Momo.


    This momo can be a risk-free pick for the health and wellness mindful individuals as the buckwheat momo packs in more protein and nutrients than its regular counterpart momos. It has a light but delicious texture. You need to eat them while they’re steaming hot because they become hard when they cool down.


    10. Paneer/Khuwa/Cheese Momo.


    This momo comes stuffed with paneer, khuwa or cheese and some achar on the side. Although it sounds a bit unusual, consuming dairy products in the form of momo is always an option. Vegetarians usually favor these Momos in Gurgaon.


    11. Fish Momo

    The fish momo has an unusual flavor that is unusually lighter than that of the regular momo; perhaps that explains the white meat. Nevertheless, it's a must try for everyone.


    12. Dhapu Momo.


    They’re giant compared to your regular momo. Some call them Tibetan MoMo, though they’re more like the Chinese Da Pao. As big as a child's fist, they are as good as other types. They get that name because it’s usually served in areas where close-knit Tibetan communities live. You might need some time getting used to the thick dough but it’s worth it.


    Momos in Gurgaon are the real deal since people are hooked to its taste, and its availability is something you can never question. So savor as much as you want and try all sorts of flavors.

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