• Amazing Facts About Pizza That Will Make You Love It More


    Pizza has become a part of several countries across the world. It’s probably one of the dishes that come to your mind when you wonder what to order for catering in Sayreville NJ. You might think that you know everything about everyone’s favorite pie. But here are a few facts that might give you more to chew upon the next time you go to your favorite pizzeria:

    Ancient Greeks Made It First
    While the modern pizza with tomatoes has its origins in Naples, Italy, Greeks and Egyptians were baking it before with olive oil and spices. Naples itself used to be a Greek port city called Neapolis but became a part of the Roman Empire later. Many records note Persian soldiers baking flatbreads with cheese on their shields.

    Crusts Used To Be Square
    The pizzas served back in Naples used to be different from the pizza in Sayreville NJ you eat now. For starters, the crust would be square-shaped instead of round, kinda like the Sicilian or grandma pizzas many restaurants serve.

    70k Pizzerias
    There are approximately 70000 pizzerias in the US coast to coast. So if you ever move to a new state, then you don’t have to worry about not finding a pizza place.

    It Can Be Healthy
    Healthy might be the last thing most of you would call it, especially if you’ve only ever had fast food or frozen pizzas. But how healthy or unhealthy it is, depends on how it’s prepared. Pizzerias like Mike’s Pizza use fresh ingredients sourced from reliable sources to prepare each pie, making them equally tasty and healthy. You can buy quality ingredients and bake the pie at home to ensure that it’s healthy.

    Pineapple Pizza Was Invented In Canada
    This is perhaps one of the few evils Canada will be remembered for. Though people tend to associate pineapple toppings with Hawaii, it was actually a Greek pizzeria chef in Canada that decided to try it after getting bored of only having three topping options.

    It’s Rich In Lycopene
    According to the Annual Review of Food Science And Technology’s study, pizza is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that is proven to prevent heart diseases and cancer. This mainly comes from the tomato sauce used to make them. A typical daily serving of pizza accounts for more than half of your lycopene requirement. This gives you yet another reason to order from pizzerias like Mike’s Pizza.

    One In Eight People Eat It Anyday
    According to the USDA, thirteen percent of Americans eat pizzas every day.

    October Is National Pizza Month
    If you thought that October was all about Halloween, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. This month is officially dedicated to the United States’ favorite pie. So feel free to hit many food places in Sayreville NJ to try their recipe.

    World’s Largest Pizza
    Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi and Matteo Giannotte baked the world’s largest pizza in 2012. They made the gluten-free pizza named Ottavia in 2012 with a total surface area of 13,580.28 sq. ft.

    Americans Consume It Once A Month
    According to the USDA, 93 percent of the Americans that eat pizza, eat at least one slice every month. So it’s a safe bet if you’re confused about what to serve for catering in Sayreville NJ.
    An Average Slice Is Protein-Rich
    An average slice is 25 percent protein according to the USDA. It can account for 35 percent of your daily protein needs.

    One 18-inch Pizza Is More Than Two 12-Inch Pizzas
    It might seem off but makes sense to anyone good in mathematics. The longer the pie’s diameter, the greater its area is. So if you’re ordering for two people, then you might find one 18-inch pizza in Sayreville NJ more satisfying than two 12-inch ones.

    Pizza Theorem
    It’s so awesome that mathematicians felt the need to create a theorem out of it. According to the pizza theorem, the equal division of a disk arises when you divide it in a certain way. Useful if you feel like you aren’t your fair share.

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